Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bears, Eagles, Ayatollahs, and Spooks

The events of the past week regards Iran, missile defense and Russia leave the average schmoe saying 'what the'? The Russian president:
An attack would lead to "a humanitarian disaster, a vast number of refugees, Iran's wish to take revenge and not only upon Israel, to be honest, but upon other countries as well," Medvedev said, according to a Kremlin transcript.

"But my Israeli colleagues told me that they were not planning to act in this way and I trust them."
Link. Menvedev went on to detail a secretive meeting:
During a meeting in the Russian resort of Sochi in August, Israeli President Shimon Peres said Israel would not attack Iran, Medvedev said. After the meeting, Peres told journalists Medvedev had promised to reconsider a contract to sell S-300s to Iran.

"When he visited me in Sochi, Israeli President Peres said something important for us all: 'Israel does not plan to launch any strikes on Iran, we are a peaceful country and we will not do this'," Medvedev said.

Asked about the possible delivery of S-300s, Medvedev said Russia had the right to sell defensive weapons to Iran.
That meeting was timed suspiciously close to the Arctic Sea adventure from last month, in which it was rumored that Mossad agents were the "hijackers" trying to stop S300 missiles from reaching Iran. Now Russia, after we've dropped the missile shield on the basis of Iran having no more intention of building long-range ICBMs, comes out and spills beans on Israel. Is this part of the play? Because to this internet dope it appears Israel is getting the short end here.

Jerusalem is now on record as saying they don't want to attack. If they do, they look even worse than they normally would. If not them, who? Surely the Russians wouldn't, which leaves us, which seems to leave the Iranians with a nuke program. But surely Gates and his crew can't be that gullible and incompetent.

Remember, it was Robert Gates who came back on the scene during his involvement in the Iraq Study Group, which prepared a report to Bush recommending no troop surge. Bush then proceeded to surge, and things proceeded to get better. Gates is a former spook. Things are not as they seem. They simply can't be.

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