Saturday, September 12, 2009

On negotiating with Iran

The great campaign promise is about to come true, so says the Times:
The Obama administration said Friday that the United States would accept Iran’s offer to meet, fulfilling President Obama’s pledge to hold unconditional talks despite the Iranian government’s insistence that it would not negotiate over the future of its nuclear program.
Here's a suggestion for Mr. Obama. Since he doesn't seem all that interested in foreign policy why not make Sarah Palin our special envoy to Iran? She's not doing anything except Facebook at the moment and besides, she seems to get responses every time she speaks out, proving her effectiveness. If she fails it can be blamed on the right wing. Who knows, her natural beauty and charm may disarm the Iranians, allowing us to bamboozle them into giving up their nuke program.

For a guy who prides himself in bringing sides together, it's a winner.


LASunsett said...

//she seems to get responses every time she speaks out, proving her effectiveness.//

Great, isn't it? She types, hits enter, and the fecal material hits the fan in the Leftist camps. Action-Reaction, Cause-Effect.

If I had to make a call this early, I would say she is the front runner for 2012. Not only that, she's raising a ton of money, quietly.

A.C. McCloud said...

It's clear she couldn't have done what she's doing from Juneau. As Dennis Miller said last year, she's in Obama's noggin, and pretty much every other Dem. They know power when they see it, which is why they tried to destroy it.