Sunday, September 20, 2009

Happy Eid

Here's the Sec State delivering an Eid message to all Muslims:

Nothing wrong with a friendly message in general. America has always been about freedom of religion, unlike places such as Saudi Arabia where Eid originated, so it's good to point this out from time to time. What's NOT alright is her (and Obama's) repeated verbiage about a 'new beginning' or 'fresh start', as if Bush and Blair really were at war with Islam but just lying about it, wink, wink.

Here are their words...

And here's a vintage shot of Karen Hughes and Fran Townsend pandering their little arses off.... just like Hillary. Meanwhile the FBI is making a deal with a possible domestic terrorist who was allegedly messing around with TATP.

It's clear this new government is trying to publicly suggest that if only America had been nicer and more understanding we wouldn't have been a target, thinking this will sit well with the crowd overseas. But of all people Hillary should be irritated by such a view, especially knowing the 9/11 plotters came to America during her husband's second term. She even admitted in the video they started their Eid thing in 1996, and we saw how effective it was at lowering suspicion, hate and fear.

Oh well. Maybe the new era of change has made her a believer that the new guy can pull it off.


Debbie said...

I had intended to write something on Hillary's statement. It was so sickening I almost threw up when I heard it. I'm with you, a nice, neutral wish from the White House is one thing, but this was just kiss-a$$ to the extreme.

Remember, he had no time for Jewish holiday or for National Day of Prayer. But he gives a Ramadan dinner at the White House and Hillary gave an Enid dinner.

On Zazi, he and his father have been arrested in Colorado and an Afgnani has been arrested in Flushing New York. I did a little post, but TypePad is all screwed up, so I couldn't ad images or clickable links.

TypePad (which already sucked) has now been upgrades and improved... Improved so much they are down regularly, and now the compose editor tools are screwed up. I know, gripe, gripe, gripe, ha.

Have a great Sunday. I think the sun actually came out for about 5 minutes here. It's been rain for a week now.

Deborah F. Hamilton
Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

I notice that typepad now gives little colorful icons in preview mode. What's that all about?