Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tea in DC

From Saturday's million mobster march..

It's kind of sacrilegious but it pretty much sums up everything going on right now.

MORE 9/13/09

New York Times web site front page coverage...midnight central 9/13

"thousands rally in Minnesota for Obama ..."
"thousands rally in Capital (sic)..."
"on the hill: Congress can't rely on public opinion"

According to the Star Trib, the 'thousands' in Minnesota for Obama's speech totaled 17,000. Is the Times so shamelessly low they would try to make an offhand comparison of that number to this number?

MORE 9/13/09

Don't get me wrong; this horrible ABC News story mentioning hate, Hitler signs and only 60,000-70,000 people in attendance, is not unexpected. On the contrary, it simply confirms Hannity's charge that the mainstream media in America is utterly compromised.


I don't know why this surprises me. Maybe it's just disappointment or shock or an inability to accept what's going on. But if one were to stumble upon the Washington Post's web front page at 12:30pm central today, they would not readily know there was up to a million people protesting in their own city the previous day...

They would know, however, that Serena Williams lost on a foot fault. Oh wait! There it is, buried in the Kennedy story.

The link to the Amorian web site was changed due to a bad link. It appears somebody misattributed a photo of another event as the tea party (figures), so they must have pulled it. Ouch. At any rate, the YT time lapse is enough to prove it was much more than media outlets will admit and certainly enough to get Congressional attention, which is what matters.

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