Sunday, September 20, 2009

Six Degrees of Apollo

Like the Van Jones story, the Apollo story has never been a front page topic in any of America's daily papers. It's easy to dismiss Glenn Beck as a nut, but if you haven't seen this video it's worth watching..

Far left progressives will try to counter this by saying that Apollo "didn't write the Stimulus Bill" as charged by crazies like Beck, but listening closely reveals that Beck didn't say they singularly wrote, just 'helped write it'. And they did.

Why is this significant? It's significant in understanding who is actually running the government and their goals for America. Does all of America know that a group called Apollo drafted a Stimulus package in 2008, before Obama's inauguration, that was very similar to the bill he and Pelosi would later rush through Congress without reading? Does everyone know that Obama's green jobs czar Van Jones was instrumental in setting up Apollo?

Could that be the reason why most mainstream media outlets failed to vet Jones when he entered the administration and why most of them later ignored his embarrassing revelations and apology, only reacting when forced to by the midnight holiday weekend resignation?

And does everyone realize that the leader of Apollo's New York affiliate is former domestic terrorist/Weather Underground founder Jeff Jones? Is he officially 'washed up' like Ayers? And why did the White House ask Fox News to stand down on the Ayers thing just recently? Does Brietbart's coming revelation 'out of left field' have something to do with all of this?

As Beck says in the video, Obama seems to take pains to distance himself from these affiliates as he did just today when asked about the ACORN scandal. For some reason his media tour did not include Fox News. Perhaps they knew what the questions would be.

Look, I'm a democracy guy. If America wants to go in the direction of Apollo, ACORN and the other far left organizations run by hippies and radicals from the 60s that's fine--as long as it occurs honestly and openly via the ballot box. That's certainly not what happened last year.


Debbie said...

I saw that Beck show, and it was soooo interesting. Beck has done an excellent job, but those who should be listening are too busy trying to make him out to be a NUT. Time will prove him correct I believe.

Deborah F. Hamilton
Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

Well first off, I've been listening to him on and off on the radio since the 90s and he refers to himself as a sick freak, so he is kinda nuts. That doesn't mean he's always wrong, though.

I think the mere fact that the media establishment has ignored all of this paints an even more suspicious picture than Beck ever could. We know if Van Jones was in favor of a Christian takeover of America--secretly turning us into a theocracy--it would be front page on Newsweek and the Times.