Thursday, September 24, 2009

Stunt Heard Round the World

For those outside Memphis, the man who fist-bumped the Dalai Lama yesterday was our current mayor pro-tem Myron Lowery, who is currently running for the full-term mayoral position. Early voting has started, the election is next month.

The man to his right in the picture is county mayor A.C. Wharton (the other A.C.), who's also running for city mayor and who holds a substantial lead in the polls at the moment. So, not to say the fist bump was a last ditch effort to connect with the electorate using a gesture made famous recently by a couple of Washington notables, but it was. At any rate, his holiness didn't seem to mind. Evidently he's a pretty open minded guy.

As for what the stunt did for Memphis, well our last mayor had a child out of wedlock, got in the ring with Joe Frazier, and said God had appointed him. So things are definitely looking up.

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