Monday, September 21, 2009

That's A Winner! Er, Never Mind

This may be one of the more bizarre non-endings to a baseball game in a while. Click on the image for the story, a story of hard-nosed baseball a bit wide of the rules, shall we say. The victory fireworks actually went off. No way to pull those babies back into the chute. Ouch.

Of course, with such an embarrassing ending there was no way the Cubbies wouldn't come back and win in extra innings, and they did.

For the record, and as a long-time Cards fan, the ump got the call correct. [whine] Although if Matt Holiday were a Yankee playing in a World Series game against the Cardinals he might have looked the other way.[/whine] OK, with that out of the way, baseball has a colorful history of controversial calls, several that include the aforementioned Matt Holliday and Cub manager Sweet Lou Piniella.

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