Monday, September 14, 2009

Sherlock Holmes, He Presumes

Are all the public officials in Chicagoland clowns or are they just good actors?

Geez, as if the Christopher Kelly death isn't suspicious enough we have a suburban mayor during a news conference holding up the drivers license of the woman who drove Kelly to the hospital. Is it standard protocol for the police to seize the drivers license of people not yet accused of crimes then flash their name, picture and address to the media? Who didn't bother to ask where they got it?

Whatever, the mayor certainly seemed to be enjoying his time in the limelight. Here are some gems: she (girlfriend) "lawyered up, as we say in the trades" and we're "giving it all the bells and whistles" as if other cases don't get such treatment. And finally they will have to wait for the "toxology reports". The girlfriend's lawyer had a more colorful opinion:
“The mayor's a jackass. You can print that,” Gillespie said.
Ah, Chicago. One crazy place, to the point that to an outsider it seems as if the entire Blago tale is a made-for-TV dark comedy. Surely Patrick Fitzgerald will get to the bottom of this tangled web before he's eligible for retirement.

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