Wednesday, September 02, 2009

What's the Fuss?

Big news today--Obama green jobs czar Van Jones called an entire group of Americans he's never met an bunch of a-holes while answering a question at Berkeley back in February. There's a real dog bites man moment.

Don't most hard left Dems pretty much think of Republicans that way anyway? Google a bit and you'll find all kinds of things, such as random(NSFW) bloggers, politicians (almost), and evidently even somebody at CNN. Then there's the pinnacle.

True, Jones did self-identify as one, and indeed Dems are not alone in calling people a-holes, sometimes even major league.

The more interesting thing here might be the follow-up comment about how Barack Obama is not an a-hole, therefore his supporters need to get a little more 'uppity' in how they approach the assholes enemy opposition party. Glenn Beck would certainly say Jones is showing some of that vinegar now. Maybe that's why they hired him. Had anyone seen that video beforehand?

Meanwhile, everything always rotates back to the lodestar of universal evil. He really is inside their noggins.

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