Sunday, September 06, 2009

Farewell Comrade Jones

Ain't no sunshine during holiday weekends at midnight, apparently. The reactions are coming in to the Van Jones resignation. This quip from Ryan Grim at HuffPo seems to catch both the reality and fantasy of this whole thing:
Jones never denied his past affiliation with the radical left. In the '90s, he was involved with the group Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement (STORM), which sympathized with Maoist-inspired peasant movements throughout the world and was organized to protest police brutality.

Jones, however, left radical politics and made the decision to work within the system, rather than try to overthrow it. For Beck, however, Jones' past statements were evidence that Obama is secretly marshaling a cadre of lieutenants pushing an agenda that is "radical, revolutionary and in some cases Marxist." (Meanwhile, in reality, Obama is backing away from even including a public health insurance option as part of health care reform. How that squares with Obama's Marxist agenda Beck has yet to explain.)
What a splendid spin. Jones didn't leave radical politics--he joined the clandestinely radical Obama administration and only resigned when he was outed by an accused nut, Glenn Beck, whom the media has covered rather extensively. He's now free to carry on the radical politics he left just eight months ago under the cover of environmentalism.

This is more an indictment of the press than the administration. Obama told Joe the Plumber he wanted to 'spread the wealth around', which got poor Joe investigated and maligned in record time with help from the press. Both Jones and Obama have been involved in the 'social justice' movement their entire careers, which seems to be a euphemism for spreading the wealth around on a global scale. Hardly any shock or awe for those paying attention.

If we were still living in real America the mainstream media would henceforth move into full tilt attack mode against this administration for quietly pursuing rank duplicity and disingenuous behavior on the voting public. They won't. So let's rub it in--another maligned Fox News talking head has now been vindicated--Sean Hannity. Like him or not, his comment that "2009 was the year journalism in America died" has now been proven correct.

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The left will not take this takedown lying down. If Beck can bring down a high-level czar by just reporting facts the major media ignored he can do it again, and again. They have no alternative but to declare war. And the leading clown has already flashed his sword. Beck will undoubtedly have his hands full of defending some trutherish buddies in short order.


Sorry, couldn't resist. Here's Howard Dean on Van Jones:

Someone just shoved a petition and he signed it? Well OK, maybe. Radicals like radicals and such. But the choice part of the clip is Dean talking about trutherism. Here's the good Dr in 2003:
Dean: There is a report which the president is suppressing evidence for which is a thorough investigation of 9/11.

Diane Rehm, WAMU (public) radio: Why do you think he's suppressing that report?

Dean: I don't know. There are many theories about it. The most interesting theory that I've heard so far, which is nothing more than a theory, I can't—think it can't be proved, is that he was warned ahead of time by the Saudis. Now, who knows what the real situation is, but the trouble is that by suppressing that kind of information, you lead to those kinds of theories, whether they have any truth to them or not, and then eventually they get repeated as fact. So I think the president is taking a great risk by suppressing the clear, the key information that needs to go to the Kean commission.
It's worth noting that Dean became the front-runner by engaging the far left anti-war crowd, using the Bush lied meme about Iraq, losing it only with the fabled scream. Kerry then took up that mantle and got nominated. So it's not all too surprising Jones was signing petitions in 2004.


Debbie said...

Yep, one lonely blogger started all this, Gateway Pundit, others picked up on his research. The MSM tries to sugarcoat his resigning.

Deborah F. Hamilton
Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

Don't be surprised if this doesn't spur the left and media (one and the same) to quietly declare war on Fox News, bloggers, and talk radio. It's now clear they can't get their social changes done with these "distractions".