Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Johnson Factor

Charles Johnson continues his quest to win friends and influence people by lobbing missiles towards his former friends:
Open talk of revolution, Hitler, Hitler Hitler, pictures of dead babies with a fanatic screaming “Repent,” and more people with signs that say, “We came unarmed ... this time.”
Some will no longer hotlink to his posts; Power Line recently de-linked him off the link list. Linking to his post doesn't bother me because one, this blog is like a speck of dust on the moon and two, I'm a dumb southerner myself, so dumb I'll even concede his point: there are some white racists attending these TEA events who haven't yet come to grips with a black president. There are even some religious folks a few cards short of a deck. And there are certainly a few salt-of-the-earth southerners (who seem to be his target du jour lately) who have trouble adequately articulating their fears in a manner suitable for an east or west coast intellectual. Gotta give him that.

But I think he's losing the forest for the trees. For most folks, even the southerners, it's not a skin thing at all, it's a socialism, spread the wealth around, hide behind slick syrupy rhetoric while lying his ass off about darn near everything thing, then blaming southerners or nondescript people clinging to AR-15s. Sorry Charles, but rural America is what it is--a bunch of bitter clingers who hate jazz. But it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see the writing on the walls. Mocking and obsessing on the TEA faults might be necessary for perspective but in reality it just gives more cannon fodder to the left (if LGF is actually down with teh hopenchange now pardon the omission--it's no longer a daily read).

Mr. Johnson should find an event down here and make the trek, even bring along some of his lizard people. Unlike in certain parts of LA he won't get shot, not even for his skin color or opinions. Well, unless he happens to wander into the hood at the wrong hour (racist!) or stops and asks for directions in west podunk Arkansas after a Razorback loss while eating a granola bar and wearing a purple fishnet shirt. No, you know what, he won't be hassled there either. They'd probably offer him an iced tea and a piece of pound cake for the road, or if he's real lucky some watermelon wine, fried catfish or a bowl of grits.

That is unless he gets too close to some of those Deliverance type people. But I hear they're mainly in Alabama.

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