Sunday, December 13, 2009

Copenhagen Climate Protest

They are on. And they were anticipated. Many, such as the Power Line guys, wondered what kind of protesters would show up:
One wonders what sort of protests they are expecting. Will Lord Monckton throw Molotov cocktails, or Pat Michaels smash bank windows? I very much doubt it.
Well, the answer has arrived. But aren't most of the "demonstrators" actually supporters? It would seem, although a few overseas 'teabaggers' seemed to be there (one person was quoted as saying, "We want to be able to live our lives like we’ve always led them before — as free citizens in free democracies,"). He was probably dispatched to the dog pen as soon as the camera crew left.

Jammie Fool noticed their war for oil signs have apparently been misplaced as they are now simply taking the fight directly to capitalism itself through something called "climate justice" (something folks in northern climes would welcome right now). Many of their yellow signs smacked of being mass-produced rather than the magic-marker creations of real grassroots events, so it's prudent to wonder about funding connections.

The main organizer of these events appears to be, an organization founded by Vermont writer Bill McKibben. One monetary source is the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, which brings to mind George Soros (connected according to this Muckety map) and Maurice Strong of 'oil for food' fame. Of course they'll claim that's crazy talk.

Anywho, in looking around for sign images this one popped up from July. How did we miss Obama up on Mount Rushmore?

It's nice to see the Greenpeace protesters responsible were arrested--they could have been AQ operatives with explosives looking for some symbolic revenge over white man's greed. Which is really the root of all of this phony-baloney climate protesting. The question is whether it can be stopped.

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