Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

A yuletide gift has been placed under the national tree this year. Some are happy, some didn't ask for it, some may wonder whether they accept returns.

And some might whimsically ask, "what would Jesus do" (ie, why are the wingnuts against helping the poor). Far be it for me to speak for the deity but it's doubtful the savior of humanity would show as much enthusiasm as Robin Hood Reid and his band of merry socialists, who claim to be saving America. "Render unto Caesar" was more about his role as the son of God as opposed to a rabble-rouser or politician. Jesus didn't levy a tax on Matthew to pay for healing the blind man.

He would probably ask each one of us what we've personally done to help the poor--with our own money. He might care about people being forced to contribute money towards abortion. And He might get a lot us told for letting ourselves get out of shape, which costs everyone. But chances are it would be boiled down to the one-on-one.

In the meantime I'll be taking a short break to celebrate the season with family, so Merry Christmas to all and thanks for dropping by (and putting up with my shoddy writing and bizarre ruminations) this past year..


Debbie said...

Merry Christmas. Love the "What Child Is This", one of my very favorite Christmas songs.

Right Truth

LASunsett said...

Merry Christmas AC and family.