Monday, December 21, 2009

Why Not Call It...

The vote to proceed with a federal pathway to taking over healthcare was reached on the Senate midnight shift this morning (do they get night pay?) via a party line 60 to 40 vote.

Just think, if only one Republican Senator from Alaska or Minnesota had been reelected this might not have happened. In light of that, perhaps they should call it the "Ted Stevens Memorial Health Care Bill". With all the chicanery, bribes and back-scratching by the Democrats it sounds like a fitting tribute.

MORE 12/21/09

From the JOM comments come this:
In effect, the onerous obligations under the Reid Bill would convert private health insurance companies into virtual public utilities. This action is not only a source of real anxiety but also a decision of constitutional proportions, for it systematically strips the regulated health-insurance issuers of their constitutional entitlement to earn a reasonable rate of return on the massive amounts of capital that they have already invested in building out their businesses.
Epstein argues the bill should not become law before being put to a constitutional test. Well, we have a constitutional law professor in the White House, don't we? How could he possibly sign something that might fail such a test.


As mentioned above, Senator Jim DeMint also questions the constitutionality of the insurance mandates in the bill and will force a vote on it. But isn't a ruling of unconstitutional really what the far left wants here?

If Congress manages to pass this convoluted behemoth then it gets ruled down perhaps plan B will be to pursue a form of single payer as an alternative, working off the disappointment some in the public (and media) will show. After all, the lack of single payer is why Olbermann and the rest of his far lefty friends are throwing their temper tantrum. We know Obama is on the record as wanting single payer eventually.


Senator Burris displays his main talent. Apparently he's forgotten that Santa, 1) doesn't levy taxes to produce the toys he builds, 2) doesn't charge for delivery, and 3) requires goodness, for goodness sake. He does have the fantasy part down, though.

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