Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Saving the World

The very end of Thomas Friedman's New York Times piece contains this blurb:
Maureen Dowd is off today
Actually, it was hard to tell.

Friedman probably thought he was pretty clever using that Cheney 1 percent doctrine on nukes applied to catastrophic long range temperature in order to twist those cwazy neocons into mental pretzels. Instead he ended up just another shill supporting a global socialist agenda to redistribute western wealth.

I could go on with the boring prose about all things climate but why not just get to the links? Here's the WaPo confirming the subterfuge needed to convince Joe Twelvepack to change the way he lives, which involves group-think and peer pressure psychology no doubt laced with Alinsky tactics.

Here's Al Gore being a dumbass again. Either that, or he's as arrogant as was Tiger Woods in believing nobody can see through him.

And here's what Copenhagen is the true culmination of. Surely many have seen this but I feel compelled to post it again for its sheer power.

Here's something going around now. It's a good overview of the points on both sides, which the author can only describe by saying "what a nightmare".

Finally, here's Karl Rove on TV last night making a rather startling statement about how the Bush administration's policies regards CO2 have caused our CO2 output to drop, and if continued would almost equal Obama's targets without the socialism.

Of course Bush dabbled in socialism with TARP, but right now it's the only successful bailout program going. Thanks for saving the world, president Bush.

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