Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Franken: One Angry American

File this one in the dog bites man tray:
Jacobs said Franken must be careful not to engage in too many political brawls, or it could “reinforce for independent voters what they feared about him, that he’s a hot-headed partisan.”
Yes, those would be the same independents who voted him into office, apparently the only morons in America who didn't know Franken actually was a hot-head partisan. Apparently they missed his book or the fight with the LaRouche supporter. Just think of that a moment--it would be like electing Sean Hannity to the Senate then worrying that he might be a partisan loud mouth.

The story talks of Franken's latest dust-up with our junior Senator Bob Corker. He's also sparred with John Thune, which can be seen in part here:

No matter that Thune can clearly be heard saying "many" of the benefits don't kick in initially, Franken jumps right in and charges him with saying "none" then accuses him of having his own set of facts so he can blather on like any schoolyard bully. But it's a nice bellweather for the mood of the country right now, one which Katie Couric recently called angry.

Miss Katie also lamented the lack of respectful disagreement, although it's doubtful she was talking about Franken. More likely she's just ticked that all the legislation brought forth by Reid, Pelosi and the Jedi Knight don't sail through on unicorn wings, as if that's always been the way of things. Of course it has not. Naive? Hardly.

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