Saturday, December 19, 2009

Getting Something Done

Those socialist-loving Democrats really believe in raw capitalism when it comes to enacting socialism, don't they? 300 million to Louisiana Landreiu in trade for cloture to begin debate; a stocking with some happy talk on abortion for Nelson to reach cloture again; and even some pay-back to the Florida counties who lost 2000 for Gore--for the other Nelson. All of it on a credit card that is nearing default (it's as if they know it's nearing default but like crooks, are trying to keep using it until the bank finally closes it).

Yet despite the headlines, and despite the promises, Reid apparently doesn't have an actual bill for fellow Senators (or even us peons) to see yet. Like the ghost of Christmas Yet to Come, the bill is currently just a spirit floating around on a dark winter's night, garnering headlines. Come to think of it, this entire thing does kinda have that Dickens feel. But like Scrooge, Americans are being given a final chance...

Bottom line--some of this might be good and we do need reform, but any bill that has to be rammed through Congress in secret, based on bribery, during the holidays, under the cover of darkness, and without proper public vetting, must have something wrong with it. Something terribly wrong. This is an illegal procedure call on third and 20. It's time to punt. And punting isn't final--sometimes it can set up better field position later.

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