Friday, December 18, 2009

Iranians Reaching out to Obama

Except it's not with an open hand, it's with a full moon shot...
Iranian troops have crossed into Iraqi territory and seized an oil well that lies in a disputed area along the two countries' southern border, Iraq's deputy foreign Minster said Friday.
The price of oil has already gone up, which is likely part of this stunt. Another part is to force Obama's uber-deliberative hand on the same day he's scolding China and India on their refusal to allow the verify part of Reagan's famous statement. Just the other day the Iranians tested a missile capable of hitting Israel:
A day after threatening to "set fire" to Israel and American targets in the Gulf, Tehran test-fired nine ballistic missiles yesterday, including a long-range one capable of hitting Tel Aviv.
Then yesterday they most likely hacked Twitter, a warning to their own disgruntled pro-western population no doubt, so it looks as if Tehran is pulling out all the stops to embarrass and press Obama while he takes the world stage, mainly in response to this action:
The House of Representatives, on Dec. 15, passed a bill granting President Barack Obama authority to impose sanctions against any entity that provides the Islamic Republic of Iran with refined petroleum resources, or supports the regime’s ability to import such resources.

The Iran Refined Petroleum Sanctions Act (H.R. 2194), expanding upon the Iran Sanctions Act of 1996, passed by a vote of 412 to 12, with four present. The IRPSA comes as Iran remains committed to its uranium enrichment program, in defiance of repeated United Nations Security Council resolutions and U.S. and European overtures for negotiations.
They would love the price of oil to spike again. Obama has his holiday deliberation hands full, it would seem.

But don't think we Tennesseans will let the little sawed off Iranian ruin our Christmas--we live in the 4th happiest state!

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