Sunday, December 06, 2009

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The JWF points to the London Daily Mail making the case for Russian involvement in climategate.

Who knows--they seem to be intentionally trying to tamp down the idea of a whistleblower--but if true it would not be the first linkage of Russia and climate controversy, although til now it has been indirect. For instance, one of the email revelations involved the nasty way CRU scientist Keith Briffa handled skeptic Steve McIntyre's request to see the Yamal Siberian tree ring data used to back up the hockey stick.

And a little over a year ago NASA's James Hansen made a goof by initially accepting Siberian temperature data purported to be from October that was actually a repeat of September, something again noticed by McIntyre. Before corrections they were prepared to announce another record-breaking month for world temperatures. No surprise, though, since Siberia has apparently been leading the worldwide warming trend since 1980.

Of course any mention of Russia brings to mind mad scientists and conspiracies, such as Tesla guns and "scalar weaponry" or how the Chinese might be investing in the scientific cities of Siberia. Well, if Newsmax and retired Lt Col Thomas Bearden can be believed, which requires some stretching. Although it would be cool if this event over Moscow was actually a greeting card to Putin from the Pentagon saying 'don't screw with us'.

Fantasy aside, would anyone really be surprised to learn of lower level dirty tricks and stunts designed to influence these international climate change summits with so much money and power at stake? It should be an interesting week in Denmark.

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Debbie said...

I don't know how they can go forward with this farse after the emails.

I've been very interested in how folks would react when they came out. Congress is planning hearings, well the Republicans are.

Rasmussen says 50 something percent of Americans think Global Warming is a hoax.

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