Friday, December 04, 2009

Leak or Hack?

Instapundit linked to Andrew Bolt's blog this morning and his very interesting chain of emails from CRU's Tom Wigley. As they say, 'read the whole thing' because doing so is the only way to appreciate a stunning juxtaposition of Wigley's comments and an apparent growing frustration with scientific shenanigans. Maybe the political impact of Hopenhagen loomed large for some.

While it's doubtful Wigley was a leaker (or Hansen) it does suggest some were pushing back against the realm. Perhaps somebody should take up Babs Boxer on her threat.

Meanwhile the NOAA folks have another perfectly timed pro-warming study to feed to the incurious media, explaining away the recent delay of climate Armageddon our infamous CRU scientists were so worried about. Question--if they are saying cool sea surface temps caused the cooler weather in the states--despite rising CO2--shouldn't that have been something the models caught years ago? And isn't that part of the problem? Isn't that part of the reason for skepticism overall?

Oh well, the same media who'll pick up this story will continue shelving the email story. They might as well be government funded--Uncle Sam already owes them.

But fear not, for hope is making a comeback in Copenhagen (hey, those delegates have to warm up somewhere). They really need to dangle that free service to any media flack who can produce a hard copy front page story on the email flap published in a major US paper. It's not too late to uncover some coverage.


Debbie said...

From the beginning it was assumed this was an insider rather than some random hack. Time will tell. I find it interesting that Obama is more set on Copenhagen now, even going earlier than originally planned (I think).

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A.C. McCloud said...

As Einstein once said, the only thing worse than ignorance is arrogance.