Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The Buck... It Stops Over There

Anyone who listened to Obama (let him be clear) explain the findings on flight 253 could hear the tone of blame and disgust in his voice. The first hint came when he praised the fallen CIA officers in Afghanistan immediately followed by a large 'but'.

The finger-pointing session that followed seemed more a clandestine chastisement of other CIA officers and analysts for not stopping terrorist 'Moota lob'. And this seems to fit in with the conspiracy theory Olbermann and Maddow were running with last night--that the CIA purposefully forgot Moota lob to, well, apparently get back at Obama. Betcha they double down on it tonight.

And cripes, Mr. O (let him be clear) even found a way to blame Bush again. In the process of defending his non-closure closure of Gitmo he reminded viewers that AQ in the Arabian Peninsula was formed pretty much solely because of the perceived atrocities of Gitmo (as his party has been helping foster for years). So Gitmo must go to cleanse the world of Bushco.

Kinda funny when considering the left has recently taken to calling us wingnuts bad names for not manning up in the face of these attempted attacks, yet they seem to give a great big daily rat's butt about what these terrorists think about a detainment camp.

As if another AQ group won't one day pop up based on our new center at Thomson, IL or over existing facilities at Leavenworth, Supermax Florence, the MCC in New York, or Bagram. It doesn't matter. Carl's Jr not serving halal onion rings is a legitimate reason.
Surely Obama and his mensa intellectuals know this. So why does he keep pretending and misleading the population? Is it really just politics? Are they that low?

One thing Maddow and Olby may be correct about is the notion that O (let him be clear) perhaps laid down a marker with his CIA over this missed event. All the while a special prosecutor continues poring over their work under the previous administration with criminal pen in hand. Bush had to learn that the CIA can be a fairly impressive adversary when tweaked too much by transitory politicians. What awaits the current occupant?

MORE 1/5/10

The notion of the president blaming a terrorist group's formation...during a war...on the acts of the previous president, who at the time was acting to protect the current president and his family along with the rest of America, is starting to really stick in my craw.

He is basically setting up a scenario where by blaming AQ in Arabia on Gitmo, ie, Bush, that also means Major Hasan, the Little Rock recruiter bomber, and the failed 253 Mutallob bomber are on Bush by extension, due to Gitmo. Olbermann picked up on the blame on his show this evening, but his reaction was far from outrage of course.

But let's play the second round. If Gitmo is really to blame for AQ in the Arabian Peninsula's existence because the facility was trumped up as a 'gulag' by the likes of Dick Durbin and leftists in the media who hated Bush then it's really Obama's Party who are responsible for the cell.

And if the answer is no--there were more Yemenis at Gitmo than anyone else so it wasn't Democrats who publicized it, they had enough, so what? UBL is a Yemeni by birth and Yemenis help bomb the Cole before there was a Gitmo to rile anyone up. Yet Obama is NOT going to try al-Nashiri and the Cole bombers in Manhattan but in a remote tribunal somewhere.

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Debbie said...

I think I heard that today Obama said "this will never happen again". If he did say that, and if we have another similar attack, Obama is going to look really bad.

His cronies are out today talking about how "tough" Obama is now acting. pffffft!

And as you say, the only reason Gitmo is an issue is because the Democrats made it an issue.

The future will be very interesting.

Right Truth