Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Do the Amish have IDs?

Nice. It takes the Drudge Report's link to the little-known "Watertown Daily Times" to find out that certain religious groups may get immunity to the health insurance mandate. No wonder Pelosi didn't want any cameras on the debate.

You know, Democrats are weird birds. They love mandates but at the same time they love exemptions. Maybe one day they'll reach nirvana--having only Republicans pay taxes, which is of course self-defeating. Making perfect sense.

The story doesn't explain whether Amish type businesses will be immune from the law or just Amish-type individuals, or whether they'll receive free health coverage. Seems it could be a pandora's box, inviting other religious-based carve outs and special treatment but we'll have to wait until the debate comes on C-span to be sure.

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