Friday, January 22, 2010

Those Crazy Bloggers

The conventional wisdom says that bloggers are just people sitting around in their living rooms or basements speculating wildly in their PJs. Well, the Justice Department apparently has a blog, which posted a rebuttal to criticism over the handling of the Underbomber. Said their spokesblogger:
Since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, every terror suspect apprehended in the United States, including shoe bomber Richard Reid, has been handled the same way, Miller said.
First, a question. If there's virtually no difference between the systems why try al-Nashiri for the Cole bombing in the military commission? He was one of the three who were allegedly waterboarded. So why not federal court in Norfolk, for instance?

Second, a statement (attached to the bold font in the DOJ blog post). The DOJ picked up Jose Padilla at O'Hare airport in 2002 and classified him an enemy combatant. He was sent to a brig. One might think the Times would remember that since they just did a "Times Topics" story on him last March.

Another terrorist, Ali al-Marri, who was a sleeper assigned by KSM to wreak havoc after 9/11, was also detained for years at a brig and deemed an EC.

Only after a successful Supreme Court challenge did both get civilian trials, and due to discovery rules Padilla was not charged with the dirty bomb plot because his lawyer demanded access to KSM, which the Bush people refused. And Al-Marri? He made a deal to plead guilty, avoiding a guilty verdict that would have landed him 30 years. So, the result of Holder upholding our values? Eight years:
"We're pleased with the result," said the attorney, Larry Lustberg. "Mr. al-Marri is also very pleased."
The guy was an admitted soldier for KSM investigating ways to poison innocent Americans. Now he'll be out in just 8 years. Kind of an important distinction for them to leave out, but hey as they say, it IS just a blog.


Debbie said...

Very interesting. Seems everybody has a blog, all of the MSM news papers online have blogs, reporter blogs, there are so many tangents from the main page there isn't enough time in the day to check them all out.

We have warnings of many more terrorists coming from Yemen, or at least trained in Yemen, even some females, blue-eyed, blond men, ... will they all be arrested???

Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

Obama seems to have replaced a coherent, although controversial protocol during Bush with utter chaos now. Maybe that's intentional so when something happens he can blame individual agents for 'acting stupidly'.