Saturday, January 09, 2010

PC Ruling Needed

This is getting confusing.

First the Census Bureau is hammered for having "negro" as a choice for race on the 2010 forms. Apparently some of the older African-American, er, blacks wrote the term in on the 2000 version and the bureau wanted to be more sensitive this time around. For that they are being called insensitive.

Then Glenn Beck was ripped for calling attention to this and declaring that "African-American" isn't really descriptive enough for race, getting hammered despite the fact that Theresa Heinz-Kerry called herself an African-American during the 2004 election. Are Egyptian-Americans not considered African-Americans these days?

Now Harry Reid has apologized for using the term 'negro' to describe Barack Obama in 2008, making a distinction about Obama's light skin and his wandering dialect depending on which crowd he was addressing, even though some decent evidence exists to support the chameleon crowd contention.

Does this mean the Census Bureau also needs to apologize to Obama? Or should Obama not accept Reid's apology in deference to the older blacks who still prefer to be called Negroes? Will those people now support Reid? Did they support Rush Limbaugh?

Surely the government has a department to straighten all of this out. After all, at some point some agency somewhere must have made the official call on who gets called what in America. Or was it Census?


LASunsett said...

It's time for Reid to resign his post as Majority Leader for racist remarks unbecoming of a Senate leader. The voters of Nevada are about to fire him this year anyway.

But when did anyone in the Senate listen to me?

Debbie said...

Perhaps we need another Czar for this??? NOT!

Using the term African-American is something Beck truly made fun of. Do German, or Swiss, or people whose ancestors came from any other country, use that term? "________"-American? No. You are either African OR American.

As for Reid, he's probably not the only Democrat who made similar comments about Obama prior to his election. If we had all of them on tape it would truly be a very interesting situation.

Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

Guys, I'm simplifying and mocking this of course to make a point about the insanity of PC. This is the result right in front of our eyes. I really don't care what people refer to themselves from a racial standpoint as long as they consider themselves Americans.

Reid should resign but he won't and they won't demand it. By Monday they will be calling the Republicans who are demanding fair treatment teabaggin' racists because that's how the game is played.

As many are saying, it's time to vote every darned one of them out this fall and make a statement. It might not solve all the problems but at least it would lay down a marker regarding the power of the vote and the wrath of the voter while reminding these self-important fools who they work for.