Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What it Means

What does the Brown victory mean? Well, one thing it means:

..it means this is a rather embarrassing picture. Obama's strategists and Dem spinmeisters might try to say this was a local affair, but the turnout and voter comments suggest otherwise. Notice the Obama grassroots squads were nowhere to be found.

No doubt it's a victory for the right but to me the big winner here is TEA, as in party. Average citizens don't like being called sexual deviants by a bunch of pointy headed elitists for exercising their constitutional rights (take note MSNBC). Subtract the small percentage of far lefties frustrated because Obama hasn't socialized America fast enough and most rational folks just want common sense from their leaders. Cue the WaPo poll on big government as evidence.

Practical, common sense politicians don't sell their children's futures down a river of debt; they don't impose draconian taxes and regulations in hopes of changing the earth's climate; and they don't try dangerous admitted terrorists in the town court house when a firing squad will do.

But, such politicians might vote for a bi-partisan reform of health care as opposed to status quo, or they might vote for some fair-minded restrictions on carbon if such restrictions aren't meant to line the pockets of lobbyists, CEOs, union bosses, hack politicos or go towards propping up environmental whackos or UN globalists. Cue the poll on Palin's faltering presidential hopes--I think voters are looking for something in between both poles, centered on the right (one could argue that's actually where Palin is but she's been painted as an extremist, with which I might agree but the poll is the poll).

This is now a trend--Virginia, New Jersey, Teddy Kennedy's ghost. The peeps knocked down the biggest pillar of conventional political wisdom in America tonight in making their statement--Flutie's pass was indeed caught in the end zone. The establishment politicians, mainly those arrogant few currently in control, best be listening closely in the coming weeks. After all, they oughta know the structural composition of their majority.

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