Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Coulter on Full Body X-ray Security

Watch as she repeatedly corrects the Devil's Advocate...

Apparently Billy O stayed on vacation too long because he should have known that the underwear bomber would not necessarily have been detected with full body scanning. And maybe he also missed this ridiculous story.

American air travelers are already presumed to be terrorists upon their arrival at the airport (while illegal aliens waltz across the border daily), and now they want to literally disrobe people. Can random cavity checks be far behind (sorry)?

And she's right, the full-body xrays will end up on the web as a sort of TSA edition of Playboy/Playgirl. You know they will.

So it's time to stop the insanity. Obama is already treating terrorists like common criminals, which means our risk of attack has already gone up compared to the Bush years, but liberals explain this extra risk as one necessary to protect our rule of law and values.

Liberals also say we need to be smarter about everything so let's start with some smart common sense profiling. Obama is already profiling entire countries and the FBI profiles criminals all the time with few complaints. Save the full body scan for only those who fail the first few levels of screening or are high risk, and bring some accountability to the TSA rather than a fat union contract.

There will be failures because to err is human. People must understand and accept that fact while remaining vigilant and helping the TSA and airlines by not doing overly idiotic things. Freedom of travel helps our economy and enhances our way of life. Part of upholding our values includes not treating innocent people like criminals while violating their person. The terrorists win when they force us to make radical changes to everyday life. Let's not let them.


Debbie said...

Ann Coulter is exactly correct. I had not seen that video.

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