Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Give Roger his Record Back

So McGwire comes out and verifies what every Cub fan knew in 1998 and what everyone else has known since 2005. Now maybe Corky will do that little heart hand gesture thing and come clean on what no Cub fan would admit in 1998 or even now and to what Bonds has already admitted to, more or less.

Yes, they were all 'roid freaks.

Meanwhile I'll admit to being as jazzed as ever to be a Cardinal fan in 1998 and as disappointed as ever to learn that Bud Selig and MLB had pulled the wool over our eyes all those years.

How about this. How about Selig making amends for those past sins of omission by formally announcing the use of the asterisk and giving Roger Maris his record back in a special ceremony on opening day. It would be a truly diverse gesture as well, penalizing a white, black, and hispanic so nobody could claim racism or favoritism while at the same time showing youngsters that cheating has a penalty other than an embarrassing interview after getting caught.


To blame Bush. Miss him yet?

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