Monday, January 11, 2010

Reid his Lips

Current events compel another mention of Harry thiswarislost Reid, who now teeters on the brink of a fate close to Jimmy the Greek or other tragic forked tongue figures of celebrity.

Wondering, is it really worth the effort to determine whether he's a racist or just a political realist when the man is already an unequivocal ignoramus?

Ok, ok, well he's certainly correct in that Obama does shade his delivery depending on the audience. So did George W. Bush. Politicians are chameleons and Obama is perhaps the best to ever come along, so it should be of little shock for a career chameleon to notice greatness when he sees it. It wasn't like Reid announced this in a stump speech.

He was unfortunately correct about skin color, too, as pointed out by Beinart in the Beast. For pete's sake, those factors are probably part of the reason Schumer supposedly groomed Obama to run for president along with Ayers and others before him. They knew neither Jesse nor Al would ever have a prayer. And sorry, if you don't think this kind of talk has been going on in the smoke filled rooms for years--and yes, Democratic smoke filled rooms, please turn around and look both ways because you've just fallen off a turnip truck.

Were the comments bigoted? Of course. Reid is mainly in trouble for choosing his words like a stereotypical 70 year old Republican but he knew when uttering them he'll never be treated the same as one, so no worries. That was solidified by the speed at which Obama accepted his apology.

Truth be told Dingy Harry was calling most all of white America a pack of racists by inferring such a shallow limitation on the viability of any black presidential candidate but he knows this defense won't work because it was mostly white Democrats and Independents who elected Obama, which would make them de facto racists. Hence the apology. Anyone remember Murtha's comments?

And of course the Dems are trying to use Reid's civil rights and voting record to rebut this flap. They might as well waltz up Pennsylvania Avenue with a huge 'absolute moral authority' card. Symbolism over substance is what they've done best for years and the symbolism here is that Democrats like Reid have been champions of the black voting bloc despite that voting bloc enjoying the worst figures nationwide in poverty and unemployment. This is mainly true because the Democrats have convinced them the GOP are evil racists.

Finally, Obama. Geesh. How can he not condemn this, even just a little? Well, the answer is clearly politics--he can't afford a weakened and diminished Reid with health care still teetering, but condemning him even a little is like a kiss on the cheek from Guido. He's stuck, once again having to do what Reverend Wright so eloquently said (while talking in muted tones from under the bus) about the things politicians have to do. And once again, he's managed to tick off just about everyone for it.

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