Sunday, January 24, 2010

Suddenly it's a Problem

The recent SCOTUS ruling on campaign donations has caused a grass fire on the left centered in the White House. Obama has been fairly animated about how the ruling will destroy democracy as we've known it due to evil corporate influence, calling up quotes from the Rough Rider himself. It's not the first time a prez has used his bully pulpit but the question here is why he's so inflamed.

Nobody wants foreign meddling in our national elections nor do they want large corporations--such as Google, Microsoft, Richard Branson's group and anything owned by George Soros--deciding the outcome of those elections! Oh yes, and of course big oil, big pharma, and big anything else as decided by the elite liberal elites who formulate such outrages.

Anyway, perhaps the most prudent thing for the common conservative to do is to take their cue from the president's own visceral reaction and support the decision. After all, he's no Teddy Roosevelt, and based on his track record of socialist-leaning programs and appointments it's probably a safe bet.

Not only that, but it's funny to see some Democrats blowing a gasket worrying about foreign meddling in our elections after trying to ignore Clinton's Chinagate scandal and more recently Obama's donations (never formally a scandal). Apparently the name Norman Hsu has escaped their memories, although that wouldn't be surprising since it was hardly there in the first place.

Who knows, maybe this change will actually mean less shady Norman Hsus to worry about as the money flows directly from the corporate boardrooms. Maybe disclosure rules will allow a free and robust internet truth community to fact-check every ad and track the donations, which might keep the campaigns honest. And heck, most people ignore those political commercials anyway.

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