Friday, January 22, 2010

Cheney was Right

News out of the Mid South is that the jihadist who shot two military recruiters in Little Rock during the summer, killing one, has tried to plead guilty and acknowledge his AQ ties:
"I wasn't insane or post traumatic, nor was I forced to do this act," Muhammad claimed in the handwritten letter, the newspaper reported.
There were reports at the time that the FBI was monitoring him because he had visited Yemen, which ties the act pretty much directly to AQAP and/or Aulaqi, which occurred before Ft. Hood. Yet our Director of National Intelligence just did a headslap 'duh' the other day while trying to explain to Congress how Abdulmuttalob slipped the net--they weren't focused on the domestic threat from AQAP.

Aside from a clear case for firing the entire Obama national security staff or reorganizing the entire system, isn't it also clear that former VP Cheney was correct all along when he said Obama was 'making America less safe'? It's not nice to gloat, especially over serious matters, and Cheney probably won't, but he also took a lot of heat for stepping up. It would seem appropriate for someone in the media to take some note. Stories like this indicate the Bush approach to the problem was actually thoughtful and not as reckless as the current POTUS had assumed. The only thing reckless has been his failure to grasp reality.

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