Saturday, January 09, 2010

Side Tracks

Had Elvis lived he would have been 75 this past week. For some reason that's a big deal here in Memphis, not sure why?? Anyway, with all due respect I'm not sure we needed to see a 75 year old Elvis. Most would like to remember him like this..

Or even this..

I think Elvis was a decent man, despite all his faults and the trappings of fame. RIP, King.


LASunsett said...

To consider the magnitude of the impact that this man made in the music world, he must be placed in the same categories of John Wayne, Michael Jordan, Babe Ruth, Albert Einstein in their respective fields of operation. For as much worth as the entertainment world generates in the big scheme of things, we must also throw his name out with the likes Frank Sinatra and the Beatles to grasp how big he was, and was to become.

His contribution to music was big enough. But as his career progressed and others began to duplicate his style and manner, he allowed himself to evolve into the consummate entertainer. Had Elvis lived, I am sure he would have owned his own hotel, casino, and lounge and host his own show.

I just heard about this being his 75th, but had already put together my post for the weekend. just the same and as it turns out, it is only fitting that a blogger from the area Elvis called home for so many years be the one to get this one.

Good job, sir.

A.C. McCloud said...

Thanks, LA. As you might expect it's been all over the airwaves here this past week. While I've never been a huge Elvis music fan but he's most definitely a pivotal figure in history. Pretty weird considering when Blond Elvis first came into the Sun studios with his songs they brushed him off as just another wannabe.