Saturday, July 14, 2007

Advice for John McCain

How seriously should McCain consider advice provided by the Huffington Post? Not very, even if it comes from Thomas Edsall, a Joseph Pulitzer II and Edith Pulitzer Moore Professor at the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism and longtime Washington Post political reporter.

Mr. Edsall clains to have spoken to the big strategists who've informed him the only way McCain can save his day is to take a heavyweight Bush-bashing position and fill the following gaps:
  • 1) to describe the administration and the Republican congressional leadership as enmeshed in self-dealing and corruption;
  • 2) prepared to assertively blame the White House for a sea of red ink;
  • and, 3) determined to call out Republicans for allowing themselves to become a wholly-owned subsidiary of K Street, the lobbyists' corridor.
In other words, become a Democrat!

Geez, a man with Mr. Edsall's resume should know that McCain has not exactly been silent on Bush's strategery. He can't possibly backtrack on his "last man standing on Iraq" position in any way whatsoever lest everyone, including the Democrats, charge him with extreme hypocrisy (McCain would not do it anyway). Mr. Edsall conveniently left out the main salvo that sent McCain's ship to the bottom--his support of the immigration reform bill, which is irretractable in the minds of many primary voters.

The Democrats and Mr. Edsall (redundant?) know Johnny Mac has little hope at the nomination. This article appears more like a last-ditch effort to get some mileage out of him before he fades into the distance by appealing to his well-known ego in hopes he'll consider flame-throwing the party on the way out, damaging Freddie and Rudy. Sort of like a condemned pirate shooting his crewmates the moon at the end of the plank before being made to jump. Good try, though.

John McCain would be much better off ignoring these Democrat Sirens singing on the hillside and stepping back into his Senate role to devote full attention on helping America avoid defeat at the hands of morons like Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer. At this point there's no better way to protect an already honorable legacy.

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