Thursday, July 26, 2007

Fred can handle it

One of the things that has drawn me to Fred Thompson as a candidate is his very calm demeanor when answering questions and dealing with the press. Admittedly it's almost calm to the point where people will accuse him of being boring, nevertheless such a trait works extremely well when dealing with emotional or complicated issues. Or with the unhinged.

You've probably seen the video by now, posted here and here just to name two sites. Cliff notes version, Thompson artfully handles a young lady who asks him about his CFR membership and their secret advocacy of the North American Union by pointing out he's also a member of the AEI. All very calm and with a grin.

Of course the young lady got what she wanted--police (jackbooted thugs if you're a liberal) escorted her out the front door while she rather pathetically screamed that Thompson wasn't a true conservative and the obligatory horse malarky about WTC Building 7, inside jobs, et al. The video also made it to CNN, although they only showed her melodramatic exit with no context.

Yeah, she's a Ron Paul fan, which was evident from her crack about Thompson's faux conservatism. The question is whether Paul knows what's being done in his name?

But does Paul even know what HE'S doing in his own name? Hot Air just featured a post on whether the Paulster actually understands that the Alex Jones radio show, where he's appeared several times, is a twoofer show. Not to pat myself on the back too much (hey YOU won't do it) but I wondered this same thing awhile back. Certainly if he doesn't he has no business running for president, and if he does, he has no business running for president.


Is right. Question is, can he do anything about it. BTW, I'm in favor of the Repubs doing the YouTube debates (and Thompson should join in). Our future leaders should not be afraid to answer any questions, no matter how trivial, dumb, conspiratorial or hostile. They'll be dealing with much worse if they get elected.

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