Sunday, July 08, 2007

Is Gore the Anti-Christ?

After posing that question to a friend the proper answer came rapidly bouncing back--"no way, he's too dumb".

OK, perhaps a little harsh but admittedly his charisma isn't exactly the kind that sways nations. He might even lose a philosophical debate to Kirk Cameron. But this Live Earth business is at some level troubling. Maybe it's the image of a Goracle hologram towering over a stage and being beamed around the world. If an Anti-Christ is looming then global warming might be the most "convenient" vehicle out there. It's a crisis, you know.

One of the best antidotes to such a crisis is Gore's own great invention the internet--so long as politicians keep their hands off it. But somehow the image of jackbooted eco-thugs rounding up "skeptics" because they dare challenge the global Borg trying to save the planet is hard to remove.

Perhaps some music would help. Here's Coldplay..

Weird and perhaps topical, but it didn't really help the mood. This might.

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