Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Brattleboro awakens

There are few better examples of run-amok liberalism than allowing people to walk around a city in the buff. It would surely require a real cutting-edge sense of open-minded courage from the city leaders and populace to not demand changes, right? And, while such activity might appeal to the lecherous depths in nearly every soul (admittedly not that deep for most of us guys) we know that bodies are not created equal:
The disrobing has resumed this summer.

But many locals say it has gone too far. Some cite a case in which a senior citizen from Arizona strolled through the center of town wearing only a waist pack and sandals.
It's sneeringly called "freedom of expression" when the main participants are youngsters with good body mass index ratios but nothing screams "emergency session of the city council" more than a disgusting old fart walking down main wearing only a fanny pack.

Just who might be running such a city council? But of course:
Brattleboro, the first permanent English settlement in the state in 1724, is home to a community of writers, artists and musicians as well as transplanted entrepreneurs from Boston and New York.
Yep, and where the official city slogan is, "where it can ALL happen". Perhaps they should now consider changing it to, "where we've covered our butts and so should you".

For some strange reason this reminds me of "Mars Attacks" when the UFO worshippers got zapped by the aliens because they foolishly believed any beings from outer space had to be super intelligent and therefore peace-loving. Not exactly the same, yet a form of high-IQ naiveté just the same.

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