Tuesday, July 31, 2007

There she goes again

She being Heidi Cullen from the Weather Channel. Or excuse me, Doctor Cullen:
I suggested there’s a disconnect when they use their A.M.S. seal for on-camera credibility and refuse to give viewers accurate information on climate. The society has a very clear statement saying that global warming is largely due to the burning of fossil fuels.
Well. Sounds almost like a reiteration of her original and rather draconian opinion except in a bigger forum. By the way, here's a link to the AMS position on climate change, and a key excerpt:
Important goals for future work include the need to understand the relation of climate at the state and regional level to the patterns of global climate and to reverse the decline in observational networks that are so critical to accurate climate monitoring and prediction.
In other words they're admitting that quality instruments are important. Oddly there was no mention of the quality of instruments back in the 1500s. Or 100 BC. That would be most helpful in determining precisely how fast previous global warmings have occurred when our current fossils were still alive.

The New York Times story also tells the fascinating tale of how Dr. Cullen was discovered, almost reminiscent of Jayne Mansfield in the diner, except unlike Jayne the good doctor sacrificed important worldwide climate work to become a TV star. There's even a near unbelievable claim that before the Weather Channel talent scouts came calling she'd never even heard of TWC before. What kind of self-respecting weather nerd is that? However, the biggest hoot was saved for last:
Actually, a lot of my friends are relieved that there’s at least one scientist out there doing this.
Just imagine the reaction from TV weatherman land..."of course you know, THIS means war"! And ratings, baby!

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