Friday, July 06, 2007

Rough seas for Bill Proenza

A decent public servant has certainly created some choppy waters for himself and may soon be shown the gang plank. Once a staff begins the mutiny process it's hard to get them back.

We're talking about the current Director of the National Hurricane Center, Bill Proenza, who's making lots of waves again.

*** OK, this is not done often (actually, ever) on this blog but the source responsible for the info previously posted in this spot has developed second thoughts about passing along opinions and asked for it to be removed. Anyway, now we've got a near empty post. I realize the internet cannot be scrubbed entirely but it has something to do with official sanctioning, or so I'm told. Chemtrailers may now begin their conspriracies! ***


Maybe it's the approach of Live Earth that has spurred news outlets to express concern about the near record heat in the southwest. 116 in Vegas? That's not unheard of. Humidity 3 percent? Also not necessarily unusual. After all, it is a desert.

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