Friday, July 06, 2007

UK terror and bin Laden

Times online is reporting (HT Hotair) that Usama blessed the failed plot in London and Glasgow several years ago. Could be true, or it could be more disinformation to draw distinction to our fight in Mesopotamia.

Then there's this:
A friend who attended the Medical College of Baghdad University with Dr Abdulla told The Times that he was a religious fanatic, and that in 2001 or 2002 he mysteriously abandoned his studies for a year. “There was some talk that he went outside Iraq to develop his religious culture. I heard that he went to Lebanon or Pakistan,” the friend said.
Which would be huge, if true. Why? Because the conventional wisdom is that our invasion of Iraq has inflamed worldwide jihadiness, not our invasion of Afghanistan or even 9/11 itself.

We need more corroboration, of course, but it's interesting nonetheless. Something else to keep in mind--both Ramzi Yousef (he went to England-ed) and his Uncle KSM attended engineering school in America before going on to draw up plans to bring down the towers. One could make the inference that western universities are a soft underbelly, if one wanted to.

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