Sunday, July 29, 2007

Dueling desecrations

This is the tale of two episodes of Qu'ran abuse. The first comes from a Pace University student who evidently flushed the holy book down a campus commode, eerily reminiscent of the Newsweek non-story that caused riots last year.

The other comes from a high-profile gay liberal, who claims to have burned a rare copy of the Qu'ran valued at 60,000 dollars, purportedly to protest Islam's treatment of homosexuality.

The student has been charged with hate crimes. The liberal activist? We don't know since the story hasn't gained national attention yet.

In the case of Mr. Merrill the story appeared to be a press release with no independent corroboration offered that he even burned the book aside from his own word. But it's the thought that counts, anyway, right? The Merrill story also included no reaction from the local Imam over such a blasphemy. However, we WERE informed of this:
Notably, another form of Merrill's activism is his altruism. All proceeds from works sold at his show at Broadway Gallery benefit the Williams Institute UCLA Sexual Orientation Legal Think Tank.
Yet in the Pace student story the reporters felt compelled to quote Ibrahim Hooper:
He said CAIR decided to speak out about the Pace incidents because Muslim students are impacted by the creation of what could be viewed as a hostile campus environment.
We patiently await charges to be filed against the gay activist, which, if they ever occur will undoubtedly be blamed on Bush.

MORE 7/30/07

Perhaps the Pace student made a mistake by not loudly announcing he was "expressing himself" while hitting the flusher. Or simply wrapped the Qu'ran in an American flag and lit it on fire.

This certainly shouldn't give readers the idea I'm in favor of Holy book massacres. It's sometimes painful to see my own religion mocked (happening again soon) and I was against the Mohammed cartoons in principle as a matter of disrespect. But since when does disrespect equate to jail time? And they talk about Bush's creeping fascism.

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