Friday, July 27, 2007

A faithful follower of Brother John Birch?

That's the gist of today's feature story on the Blog Report (formerly the Daou Report) regarding CNN and radio talk show host Glenn Beck:
Giving a nut like Beck his own show, despite humiliating ratings, where he can feature the John Birch Society as a legitimate, sensible group, should be enough to make everyone ask, “What liberal media?”
Hey, CNN has come a long way, baby. Surely there are those who long for the days when they had a stranglehold on cable news to deliver Turner's 'moderate' worldview, and when Fox was just a glimmer in Murdoch's eye.

The Carpetbagger folks should be thanking Fox News. After all, it was they who forced CNN, CBS and others to turn back starboard to save their dismal ratings because the majority of viewers were simply sick and tired of being spoon-fed a leftist blame-America-first slant 24/7. Think Fairness Doctrine, guys!

I listen to Beck's radio show sometimes. I also listen to Thom Hartmann and Randi Rhodes of Air America sometimes, both of whom walk that narrow path along the edge of sanity. At least Beck admits it. Labeling him as some kind of voice of the right is just as absurd as calling Olbermann the voice of the left. I thought stereotyping was supposed to be bad.

But the broader issue is the subject of the interview, illegal immigration. Since it appears a preponderance of liberals are in favor of open borders and unfettered access we can conclude they probably have no big problems with the dissolution of sovereignty to that end, ie, North American Union stuff. That should render as hilarious their rantings about Bush's plan to take over the world via PNAC.

In other words, it's OK for the USA to have our way with Canada and Mexico (and all their oil) so long as the Democrat voter rolls are increased in the process--but how dare we influence other areas of the world!

Frankly, I don't buy most of what Beck and his Birch buddies are selling--it seems like overhyped half-truth for the most part. But hey, it's part of the dialogue, right? It's an opposing viewpoint that must be respected and appreciated, just like the La Raza folks and the truthers, correct? It's part of the crushing of intolerance. And last I recall that's what the left claimed to stand for.

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