Saturday, July 21, 2007

Campaign buttons

The political world was slightly abuzz Friday at the sight of Hillary's cover shot in Harper's Bazaar magazine. Guess Bill was right. Hey, at least she wasn't pole dancing. Maybe she has a different take on campaign buttons.

Thing is, we've already seen Hillary's boobies, at least the version carved for posterity and on display in the Museum of Sex in Manhattan. From what I can see there's something proportionally amiss between the two versions, unless perhaps Hillary's been to the doctor lately. Or maybe she's just doing the ole squeeze play for the camera.

I think Harry Reid needs to get right on top of that because it could be a coverup. Er, an uncoverup. Seriously, is there anything this woman won't do to get elected?

At any rate, this ridiculous post can only be saved by some musical accompaniment. Ever been to Shamballa?

Me, neither. By the way, the video's not an endorsement of Buddism or Hillary's boobs. Just a good ole song. Happy Saturday!

MORE 7/21/07

Just to be totally "upfront" the picture at Mac's place was obviously a photoshop with the main story being her low cut appearance on C-SPAN Wednesday, so my story was somewhat misleading. Guess that makes me a boob. Sorry for any confusion.

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