Sunday, July 01, 2007

The Al Qaeda vote

The Captain essentially makes the same point about the UK bombers as did Larry Johnson (and yours truly)--yep, they were incompetent and yep, the bombs were not top grade. For some reason the Cap's comments come across a little different, though.

Maybe that's because, unlike some people, he refrained from trying to score instant political points by comparing the thwarted attacks to the daily carnage in Iraq (committed by like-minded individuals) using the ole moral equivalence bomb, one whose fallout is intended to infect people with the sense that terrorism is legitimate whenever George Bush is involved.

Actually, when taken in combination with the shockingly amateurish video from Adam Gadahn in May these attacks should signal that we're winning the WoT. Maybe even "big time".

Or maybe it's just a clever disinformation campaign designed to lure us infidels into believing we're winning to prepare for the next sensational attack. We do know the bearded cave freaks are disturbingly shrewd when it comes to sharing their 'gospel' (darn, since scribbling this and before pressing enter the Insta guy beat me to it).

Chances are this story won't be seen in the local hometown paper or the nightly news. Few even know his name. Perhaps if Michael Yon solicited one of his Iraqi Army friends to impersonate Jamail Hussein and call his stories to the green zone press, where "trusted sources" apparently only come from the freedom fighters, that might be reversed.

In truth everyone knows these events well-represent the modern face of barbarism AQ is trying to present. It's their contribution to the political process--no stinkin' ballots needed. But as everyone knows, running from the bully will always brings him back.

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