Thursday, July 12, 2007

The blame game

Seems the blame game is more important than victory anymore. Everything today is about blame, to the point we're losing sight of reality. Even some Republicans are heading for the blame Bush tall grass in hopes of preserving their personal futures.

Drudge has a humorous headline about a Nobel Peace Prize winner assigning so much blame she expressed the desire to kill Bush. Irishwoman Betty Williams first asked everyone in the audience at a Dallas speaking event to hug each other before proceeding to declare her death wish.

No shocker-- most of these folks are frustrated socialists long since disconnected from reality who abhor anyone espousing individualism since individuals are not equal. Bush is de facto pushing individualism in the Muslim world through democracy as a means to end terrorism but getting there is a painful process for us all.

She addressed that painful process by claiming "the Muslim world right now is suffering beyond belief," and offered the noble solution of impeaching Bush. Evidently an audience member reminded her of the consequences--President Cheney--whereupon she blithely suggesting removing them both. Nobody questioned her assertion about Muslim suffering or asked for any clarifications, though.

One has to wonder where Ms. Williams was during the 90s when bin Laden was chastising America for bombing Iraq and starving its children through UN Sanctions, which helped to further foment his diabolical organization? Maybe she called for Clinton's removal to the Hague for war crimes at that time, if so I certainly don't recall it making any headlines.

But the blame game, or more succinctly put the "blame Bush" game, is a more convenient distraction from reality. Since we know Ms. Williams is smart enough to have been awarded a Nobel prize one might think she would also be smart enough to understand reality without having to be reminded by hordes of bloggers who will descend on this story. Maybe that says something about the modern state of Nobel.

For instance, she should fully understand that even if we impeach Bush and Cheney, haul them off to prison, close GTMO and elect clones of Pelosi and Cindy Sheehan for the next ten years it won't change the radical Jihad mindset one bit. Actually, it might do the opposite.

If she really wanted to get deep into blame she might examine our decadence and retreat from organized religion in the west, which is what allows the Jihadists to justify their actions to their warped followers. The Founders were crystal clear that with democracy comes a certain responsibility--the requirement to ethically police ourselves. When Rod Stewart is embarrassed by the language at a "save the planet" concert we might just have a problem.

If given the choice Ms. Williams might counter that notion by opting for a government-controlled nanny state (for the children, of course) to enforce her brand of ethics on everyone, who knows. It's doubtful her brand of utopia resembles anything close to what Bush might aspire to--but chances are it would also little resemble the fascist theocracy desired by our arch rivals who no doubt have a few death wishes of their own, especially for outspoken women without head covering.

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