Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Carter Doctrine

Jimmy Carter made the headlines today essentially for doing the same thing he's been doing for years now, badmouthing the Bush administration and white-washing his past. Today torture, yesterday Dick Cheney. Procotol, schmotocol.

Perhaps it's time for a history reminder. Harken back to 1979 and the essence of Carter's legacy:

Behold the Carter doctrine of peace and security. Notice the US flag on fire, the death chants, the American Marines under arrest, on and on. Maybe he was too wrapped up watching the Soviets stream into Afghanistan on Christmas Day 1979 to get much done. Just an aside, but the Iran-Iraq war began during the fall of 1980 and nobody has since accused Carter of secretly helping Saddam start it to take pressure off the hostage crisis and get himself reelected. Hmmm.

Even today, as Mahmoud whirls invective and comes to New York with the intention of throwing a nice poppy bouquet on Ground Zero while questioning the truth about 9/11 we still await America's formal retaliation for 1979 (and 1983, and 1996). And in the Iranian background and amidst Carter's insults, the centrifuges are spinning.

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