Tuesday, October 09, 2007


The buzz today is obviously Fred Thompson's official entry into the debate fray followed pretty closely by MSNBC's obnoxious host "Christopher" Matthews.

First of all, Russert should fire Matthews from any future debates without delay. He is quite the joke even if in control most of the time. It's the out of control times.

Second, it's obvious Fred continues to scare the left and perhaps even some in the media. ABC News picked today to pose another hit piece disguised as a scoop, a story that came out months ago about Thompson's involvement in Watergate. The lede? Nixon's comment that Fred was "dumb as hell" (but friendly). How convenient, just in time to mix with the left's hopeful impression of him.

Thing is, why use Nixon as some kind of paragon of intelligence? It would seem his dumbness was pretty much unsurpassed in recent times, which should work in Thompson's favor.

More later.

LATER 10/09/07

Impressions from left to right..
  • Paul - Even if he's 100 percent correct, he comes across as an angry nut.
  • Huckabee - No big lines this time. He needs big lines.
  • McCain - Did well. He improved himself. It may be too late.
  • Romney - Also did well, although the comment about using lawyers before a strategic attack on Iran's nukes was not real swift. He still comes across as a manufactured prezbot.
  • Thompson - A few decent quips and he made sense but no dazzle, which he's gotta have with his age and demeanor. All in all, based on the hype, a letdown.
  • Giuliani - He has the enthusiasm but didn't really hit a homer. And he said "Chiner".
  • Brownback - He might have won all things considered due to his relaxed state. Probably realizes it's over.
  • Hunter - Military, military, military. He's a good guy with only one dimension so far.
  • Tancredo - Speaking of one dimension. If he could deliver a line without stumbling he might be pretty funny.
Matthews.. in totality he was on his best behavior except for that one ridiculous comment to Fred.

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