Saturday, October 20, 2007

No nukes?

ABC News is running what they must believe is a sensational story about the Israeli hit on the suspected nuclear facility in Syria. According to their sources it was indeed a nuke site under construction but US Officials were supposedly against the raid. But the bombshell appears to be some ground truth gained via a Mossad penetration of the facility.

Rawstory begs to differ (of course), blaming Satan himself for the leaks, evidently to further his warmongering goals. Their source? Terrorism analyst Vincent Cannistraro, who claimed (it was):
"absolutely not a nuclear weapons facility."
So, the issue here seems to be whether a nuke facility under construction is actually a nuke facility. Common sense would say if Israel wanted to take out such a thing it would best be accomplished before the switch was thrown.

As to Mr. Cannistraro, he's been something of a go-to guy on terrorism for a decade. Rawstory certainly didn't fail to mention his background with the Bush 41 and Reagan teams, something usually done to set the table for a Cheney/Bush skewering to follow. Here's a summary of some of his contributions of late, so decide for yourself. But who could forget his contribution to this report less than two years before 9/11? Apparently quite a few.

But admittedly, there's a high likelihood the public is getting spun to some degree. Whomever the government source is they've taken great pains to distance Rice and Gates (and the US government at large) from the event, while at the same time declaring that it WAS a nuke site, which helps politically. So Rawstory's charges aren't completely out in left field. Thing is, they are making the same mistake most of the anti-Bush sites do by completely accepting at face value Syria's formal denial. What else would Assad do?

Well, maybe a lot. The telltale here seems to be his failure (or that of his ally Iran) to elevate this into an international brouhaha as might be expected. That strongly hints that they're still scrambling around trying to figure out why their Russian air defense systems didn't work. Or perhaps busy wondering who amongst them might be the next Mossad agent. Both would be victories for our side, something that might rub a few folks raw.

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