Sunday, October 14, 2007

Eid celebration the Mid South way

Memphis made some national blogospheric news when the local Muslim Eid celebration got mentioned by Little Green Footballs, mainly for the picture below:

The knives are kind of strange, especially with a guy in what looks like business attire. Turns out he's just following the custom set by Mohammed to wear nice clothes, but a search for information about waving large knives came up empty. Maybe it's a local alteration--trying to pass it off as a gun and knife show. This is the south, after all.

Memphis isn't the only place making Eid news. The Empire State Building in New York was all lit up in green this weekend to mark the event. Not sure how controversial that is considering the fact they light it for all kinds of holidays throughout the year, although The Religion of Peace's description elicited a guilty chuckle. Only in America.

But if true, THIS has crossed all known lines of sanity and tolerance. A dirt clearing with little flags and mementos and a lemonade stand would be more respectful. Of course, Dylan Avery and his friends long ago took a leak on the site by claiming the crash never happened, but this is far different because it's sanctioned, not just a collection of misguided kids and tottering kooks.

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