Friday, October 19, 2007

The truth is here!

Rod Lurie and his truthy film crew have arrived in the Bluff City. They've taken over the Commercial Appeal, as this morning's story notes, with our small-city Memphis reporters rubbing elbows with the likes of Beckinsale, Wyle and Dillon. Exciting and all, let's just hope such fraternizing won't color their movie review down the road.

Looking hard for any hint of politics in the story we find only this:
"I wrote Bob (Redford) that I was going to commit grand theft larceny with 'All the President's,' and he told me, in his atheistic way, 'God bless.'"

In the film, Beckinsale plays a reporter who is jailed after she writes a story that "outs" a CIA agent, played by Farmiga.

"It's a movie that puts journalism in a very positive light, and a movie that deals with the issue of the First Amendment," Lurie said. "I can't imagine any newspaper wouldn't be eager to be part of that."
Wonder if Lurie or anyone else will be making a movie about Wen Ho Lee's settlement with the media? Not sexy enough, perhaps. Nuke secrets and all.

In perhaps a stroke of irony the nominee for Attorney General was just yesterday asked about a possible shield law for reporters and provided a less than enthusiastic reply:
he echoed Bush administration arguments that such a law could be used to protect journalists who are acting as spies or terrorists.
As to the real-life subject of the film (oops, sorry--it's not actually about Judy Miller, wink, wink) we await something more than gossip.

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