Sunday, October 21, 2007


Won the Republican debate, if winning can be defined by one-liners. His comment about being "tied up" during the Woodstock event is one of the best lines ever delivered in a debate. And the quip about looking into Putey's eyes and seeing three letters--KGB was classic. He's still weak on immigration and suffers from the fact he's been an insider for years and we still have problems.

But aside from one-liners, nobody really won. Huckabee continues to do well but his tendency to drift towards things like national smoking or food bans is troubling. He still seems a little scripted. Fred was relatively weak on delivery despite ending on an high note, but he still suffers from over-expectation. He also set himself up for a post-debate question from Allen Colmes--if, as he says, we're spending our grandkids' inheritance why not get out of Iraq now? His answer of national defense discretionary spending is correct but it's still spending. That's a box.

Actually, that same question could have come from Ron Paul, who won the debate based on all known internet and text-message polls (actually word is he'd already won earlier today). His closing statement that Repubs have lost their way because of out-of-control spending and the Iraq war might resonate with Goldwater fans and 9/11 truthers but Paul still hasn't figured out that when America is attacked we fight back. He gives no impression he'll ever fight back, anywhere, anytime and for any reason.

Anyone who believes that leaving the Middle East cold would not "blowback" on us later is not a serious candidate. Saddam was not inconsequential--just consider what's happened to the pace of suicide bombing attacks in Israel after the Butcher stopped writing checks.

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