Monday, October 08, 2007

No thanksgiving in the Bronx

It's so fun to hate the Yankees. Don't get me wrong, they are probably decent human beings and hating them is slightly irrational, yet it's somehow also fulfilling. Maybe that's how the Europeans and terrorists feel about Bush. Anyway, congrats to the scrappy Cleveland Indians (they always use the term scrappy for teams with no big stars).

Of course, Hillary can now exhale. With both the Cubs and Yankees officially out she won't be peppered with anymore probing questions about her loyalties (last we heard it sorta depended on the day). There's always next year, though!

Of course the bigger question is whether Big Daddy Steinbrenner will fire Joe Torre. He promised to do so if they didn't make the Series. What about hiring Donald Trump and a camera crew to go fire Joe--a real Big Apple kind of thing. Or maybe he should just fire A-Rod.

OK, enough snark. The Yankees are an old team and played like it. The Indians are playing young and hungry and have gotten no media attention. That worked quite well for the Cards last year.

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